This Wiki page is WORK IN PROGRESS. Information might be incomplete or inaccurate. If you have any questions that this page does not answer, please visit our support group on the AE Discord
Welcome to the Tokens Wiki. This is where you will find the complete documentation of this plugin, including but not limited to setup, configurations, permissions and general how tos about the Tokens plugin.

What is Tokens?

Tokens is a plugin mainly focused on prison servers. Enchantment purchases are based on gaining currency (in this case Tokens but it can be translated to different currency name) and is based on extensions - enchantments. Download extensions, drag & drop 'em into Extensions folder of Tokens, reload and enchantments will be added.

Difference from other Tokens based enchantment plugins.

This one is the ultimate version - performance, API extensiveness, usability and support - is the main focus for us. Our team works on bringing the best out of enchantments. Unlike other Tokens enchanting plugins, our enchantment extensions are available for free.